New Joe Fresh Pointed Toe Flats


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The other day one of my best friends was traveling back from New York and she texted me a picture of a pair of pointed-toe flats that reminded her of me, saying that they were on sale for only $20 and asking if I wanted her to snag me a pair.

Obviously. By the way, what a great friend huh?

They were a great find since my favorite Nine West grey pointed-toe flats are very tired looking and definitely will not last the entire season. And they definitely don’t look like they were $20. So, of course I just had to wear them the very next day.











Top: J.Crew v-neck tissue tee. Skirt: J.Crew. Shoes: Joe Fresh.

I love the black, dark blue and grey color combo, and I kept the scarf on most of the day for a blast of color. Also there is a little bit of dark blue in the scarf that is difficult to see in the photograph, but it tied all of the colors together. Also, the flats have a little bow on the outside of the toe, which adds a cute feminine touch.

I’m curious to check out the Joe Fresh store, which opened this past Fall in New York. The flats were a great deal and they have much more structure than I expected them to. I’m not sure what their other merchandise is like, but these flats were definitely a great find.

Have you been to Joe Fresh or do you own anything from there? How do you like the clothes and styles?


J.Crew Purple Tulle Mini Skirt


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The other night I decided to wear one of my absolute favorite J.Crew skirts I own (and I own a lot). I purchased this skirt on sale last Spring, but don’t wear it very often because its rather difficult to wear. The material is very dressy and also very limiting. Because of the textured flowers, pairing it with a printed top is almost out of the question. Also, because the skirt fits me loosely, tucking a flowy silk top into it makes the proportions look off and looks unflattering. So, I decided to pair it with a tight black cotton top and a chunky costume bracelet to compliment the skirt and make the outfit more fun.

Top: Black cotton Anthropologie scoop neck. Skirt: J.Crew purple tulle mini skirt w/ grey grosgrain ribbon & bubble hem. Shoes: Grey Nine West pointed-toe flats. Rings: David Yurman black onyx & J.Crew opal cocktail ring. Bracelet: Chunky purple stones, Anthropologie & vintage gold bangle with silver Tiffany cuff.

I think the reason this skirt is so pretty and feminine is because it looks a bit like it was inspired by a little girl’s ballerina tutu. The color, the tulle textured flowers, the bubble hem and the grey grosgrain ribbon at the top all work together to create a sophisticated, wearable take on a tutu. And what do ballerinas wear with tutus? Leotards! I think part of the reason why I always go back to this particular top with this skirt is because it matches along the same lines of the tutu/leotard concept. But I wouldn’t go so far as to wear ballerina flats with this outfit because I think that’s taking the idea a little too far.

Also, the purple costume bracelet matches perfectly and makes the look more fun for going out at night. Plus, it adds that little something to the outfit to make it look complete.

Do you have any other suggestions for how to wear this skirt? What would you pair it with if you owned it?

Taking Advantage of the Mild Weather


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This Fall has been so mild, especially recently, so I’ve been trying to take advantage of the cool autumn days by wearing skirts, dresses and flats as much as possible before it becomes frigid and I get lost in layers upon layers of scarves, sweaters, socks and boots. The time for all of the will come. The other day it was so nice out that I even dared to go bare-legged with a rather summery outfit, but with more Fall-y accessories.

Top: H&M white cotton v-neck tee

Skirt: J.Crew cotton zebra-print mini skirt

Sweater: J.Crew “rosewood” cotton cardigan

Belt: J.Crew skinny chestnut-brown leather with gold buckle

Necklace: J.Crew pearl with gold chain

Shoes: J.Crew printed silk flats (yellow, light green, off-white print w/brown trim)

The “Fall-y” accessories I’m referring to are the chestnut-brown belt and light brown cardigan. I realize that this outfit could totally work for the summer too and those accessories don’t really make this outfit very Fall-y, but it was just such a nice day that I couldn’t resist one last summer outfit.

This outfit is the epitome of a perfect daytime outfit for strolling around, shopping, window shopping, lunching, brunching etc. I like it because its very put together and complete (mostly thanks to the belt), but its definitely not dressy enough to wear out at night or to a job.

How are you taking advantage of these mild days? What pieces are you wearing?



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I always tend to hesitate when it comes to sparkles, rhinestones, sequins and the like in clothing. I think it usually looks cheap or tacky. Or, its just too much. However, I do own one J.Crew necklace that is full of sparkly rhinestones and I love wearing it at night so that it stands out wherever I am.

Though the necklace can be worn dressed down as a juxtaposition against a plain cotton top, which looks fabulous, I also like it with one of the very few sparkly tops I own.

Top: Club Monaco strapless top with sparkly polka dots & front tie. Skirt: Black J.Crew wool mini. Sweater: Black J.Crew Jackie cardigan. Shoes: Black faux-suede Target heels. Necklace: J.Crew double row rhinestone necklace.

I think the rhinestones in the necklace compliment and bring out the sparkles in the top, but not in a gaudy way. All of the black surrounding the outfit helps to downplay the sparkles. And, the conservative cut of J.Crew’s Jackie cardigan and wool mini skirt balance the flashiness of the top and necklace.

Also, on another note, the first time I wore this top I wore it over black skinny jeans with heels and the same necklace as pictured above. However, I think it actually looks much better tucked into a skirt. I think this top and necklace with a tighter-fitting black skirt (like a bandage skirt) would be a perfect look for the holidays (with a cardigan or blazer) and New Years (without a cardigan, of course).

Do you wear sparkly and/or flashy pieces? How do you wear them?

Stripes & Cheetah Print


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I recently rediscovered my J.Crew patent leather cheetah-print belt and I’ve shamelessly been trying to incorporate it into every outfit. The other day I was about to throw on my plain chestnut brown skinny belt to hold up my black jeans, when I realized the cheetah belt would add much more of an unexpected statement into my outfit.

Top: H&M cotton, black and white, 3/4 sleeves, striped. Belt: J.Crew patent leather cheetah print. Pants: Black J.Crew ankle-length toothpick jeans. Shoes: Nine West grey pointed-toe flats. Ring: David Yurman black onyx. Bracelets: gold, vintage.

While this outfit would have been a nice black and brown combo with the brown belt, the cheetah-print belt is much more unexpected and adds a little something extra to an otherwise typical outfit. I love that the cheetah print is similar to a polka dot, which gives the outfit that same “is she wearing stripes and polka dots?!” surprise question as the “is she wearing black and navy?!” question. It’s unexpected, but it totally works. And, since cheetah-print is so en vogue right now, it subtly makes the outfit more trendy and current.

Also, I can’t put into words why I opted for my grey Nine West flats over my black with gold Tory Burch flats, which would have matched perfectly, but the grey flats seemed to be the unexpected choice to go with the unexpected belt.

Finally, I didn’t wear a necklace (only my little diamond) because I didn’t want anything to compete with or detract from the belt. I wanted the belt to be the center of the outfit.

This outfit will definitely be worn many more times, as it has what I strive for in every outfit: a perfect balance between going with the trends, but in an unexpected and unique way.

In what unique ways do you wear cheetah print?

Harem Pants


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When harem pants first came back onto the scene I wasn’t quite sure what to think of them. Then over the summer I saw a co-worker wear them so chicly that my interest piqued and I became inspired to dabble in the trend. She wore black harem pants with a loose-fitting green top, obviously tucked in, flats and a high bun.

A few months ago I came across a pair of harem pants at Urban Outfitters and they just happened to fit perfectly. I think that unquestionably the key to wearing harem pants is that they must fit perfectly. This trend is not one of those where you can get away with trying it out just for fun even if it doesn’t look perfect. Also, I think that black is the safest way to start with this trend, simply because they won’t stand out quite as much and because black is slimming and harem pants aren’t always known for their slimming factor.

Pants: Black Urban Outfitters harem pants (with tie belt). Top: Brown J.Crew v-neck tissue tee. Necklaces: J.Crew ‘Majesty’ necklace and J.Crew pearl and gold chain necklace (doubled). Shoes: Tory Burch black leather flats with gold. Ring: David Yurman black onyx.

I found that I can’t pull off the harem pants with a loose fitting top because its simply too unflattering. However, I love them with a tight fitting top and actually find them to be flattering, as they give my body an hourglass shape. I haven’t tried the pants with heels yet, but I think they look great with flats.

Overall, I’m satisfied with my purchase because the pants are a trendy twist on the traditional black dress pant. They can be worn for dressier situations, but keep the look young, trendy and chic.

Have you experimented with harem pants? How do you wear them?



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One of the major trends this year is lace. It’s everywhere. However, we all know lace can be difficult to wear. Often times is can look too bridal, and other times it can look a bit too young or too conservative.

However, I also think there’s something extremely sexy about lace, which is why its perfect pairing of conservative and sexy draws me to it. Not wanting to jump on the bandwagon and buy the first lace top I found, I’ve held out for a while; but, I recently purchased my first lace item and I’m very excited about the places it can go.

Top: Zara, dark grey lace with gold zipper in back

Under top: Black Velvet-brand cotton, 3/4 sleeves with scoop in the back

Necklace: J.Crew ‘Majesty’ necklace, black

Jeans: Paige

Shoes: Jessica Simpson black patent leather heels

First of all, I love the juxtaposition of conservative from the front and sexy from the back. And we all know I’m all for gold accents, so I die for the gold zipper detail in the back. The top comes without anything underneath it, so I wore a plain black top underneath it and by pure luck it happened to match the neckline in the front and back perfectly. And, since I had the black peeking out underneath the dark grey, I chose to wear my black J.Crew ‘Majesty’ necklace.

Also, even though I claim to only wear gold, I do own two silver pieces of jewelry (three if you count the David Yurman ring that has silver and gold). One piece is a J.Crew sparkly necklace that is sure to crop up in an outfit soon (it’s perfect for the holidays). Second is a silver Tiffany cuff, which I wore with this outfit because I think grey is the only color with which silver looks decent. Of course, I wore it next to my vintage gold bangle.

I excited to wear this top in the future. I want to try to wear it with only a black bra or bandeau underneath, but I need to find a way to keep everything else in that outfit uber conservative.

Do you have any suggestions on how to wear the top differently?

Gold Accents


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I’ve talked a bit about my love of gold accents in other posts, but I decided it was time to delve a little further into the topic. Gold accents can do many things for an outfit. They can dress it up, create continuity in it, and, most importantly, they are perfect for that little extra something that most neutral-colored outfits need.

For example, notice how the gold stands out against the beige sweater pictured to the right. Without the gold jewelry, you probably wouldn’t look twice at this outfit because it would be just another casual sweater; however, the gold accents instantly make the outfit stylish and chic.

I recently purchased a plain black cotton, 3/4 sleeve dress from Zara that has a gold zipper on the back. From the front the dress is extremely plain, but instead of spicing it up with a colored cardigan/shoes/tights/jewelry, I opted for gold accents.

Dress: Zara. Blazer: H&M. Necklaces: J.Crew black stones with gold chain & diamond necklace on a gold chain. Shoes: Black with gold Tory Burch flats. Rings: David Yurman black onyx (right) & vintage red cocktail ring (left). Bracelets: Vintage gold bangle & vintage gold chain.

Not only do the gold accents tie the outfit together from head to toe, they also give it just enough detail to avoid being just another black outfit and succeed in making it look chic. Also, I like the use of gold in this outfit because it is as much about the LBD as it is the gold accents. Had I opted for a chunky, colored statement necklace, the LBD would have been a backdrop for the necklace, which would have been the center of the outfit.

What are your favorite ways to wear gold?


Soft Prints


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After rediscovering my J.Crew watercolor printed skirt, I was inspired by the soft colors and impressionistic look. Even though I’ve been on a huge black, navy and brown kick inspired by Fall recently, I decided to go for another softer look.

Top: J.Crew silk watercolor (from Factory store). Jeans: J.Crew ankle-length toothpick. Sweater: J.Crew beige wool v-neck cardigan. Shoes: Zara green suede pointed-toe flats. Ring: David Yurman black onyx.

I opted for very simple jewelry–pearl studs, simple diamond necklace on a gold chain and everyday gold bracelets–and my hair in a high ballerina bun to compliment the simple, feminine look of the outfit. I think heavy or chunky necklace would have offset the softness in the print on the top. Even if it matched, it would have looked off.

I chose to wear my green Zara flats (which I adore–pointed-toe flats always look so sophisticated) because I thought the outfit was a little bland. Even though I chose simple jewelry on purpose, it still felt incomplete. Although there is no green in the top to directly match the flats, the shade of green is in the same color family as the shades of purple and yellow, so the two pieces compliment each other and match in the same outfit. The flats added the perfect pop of color to the outfit and made it look complete.

How do you create soft, simple, feminine looks?

White Denim


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I’ve never had strong feelings about the “no white pants after Labor Day” rule. Generally, I think if you can make it work, then go for it.

Personally, I haven’t experimented much with white denim simply because I only own one pair of white jeans and they very casual and therefore limiting. However, found an article on The Zoe Report about how to wear white denim during the winter months and was inspired to give it a try.

Jeans: J.Crew bootcut, slightly destroyed
Belt: J.Crew patent leather tortoise
Top: J.Crew black v-neck tissue shirt
Shoes: Black leather Tory Burch flats with gold
Ring: David Yurman black onyx
Scarf: Navy blue pashmina

I chose to pair the white denim with black, navy and brown because I wanted the dark colors to winter-ize the ensemble so that I wouldn’t look seasonally confused. I thought if I wore lighter colors it would look like I wore a summer outfit during the winter, which is definitely not the right way to wear white denim during the off-season.

Clearly I’m still in a black and navy state of mind.

Also, I took The Zoe Report’s advice and threw on the patent leather tortoise belt, which is another forgotten gem that I must add into my rotation.


And, to top it all off I threw on my grey wool double breasted J.Crew blazer.

I must admit, I did notice a number of stares throughout the day which I obviously attribute to my wearing white pants after Labor Day, but I thought it was funny to see more than a handful of people so surprised.

What do you think? Would you wear white denim after Labor Day? How would you wear it?