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While perusing Twitter the other day, I came across this tweet from Harper’s Bazaar (@harpersbazaarus):

“Pink is the new black! Here’s some inspiring ways to wear the season’s hottest color: http://ow.ly/78fOO

This tweet caught my eye because come on, pink cannot and will not ever be the new black. I’d say nice try, but it really isn’t even a good try. As one of my favorite quotes says:

“There’s no Chanel collection without black. It will never exist. Who can live without some black clothes?”

-Karl Lagerfeld

Sorry Harper’s Bazaar.

Nevertheless I flipped through the pink pieces featured in the article and fell in love with this Giorgio Armani bag:

Side note- for my birthday (one month ago) I wanted an envelope shoulder bag with a gold chain and searched high and low for the best one (we’ll get to it in a moment). Ergo, you can imagine my sheer delight when I saw this GORGEOUS bag. The pink shade is timelessly chic and exquisitely feminine, and the gold accents are just to die for.

Unfortunately, this Armani bag does not exactly fit into my budget. However, seeing this bag endorsed by Harper’s Bazaar made me feel wholly justified in the choice I made for my new bag:

New to J.Crew’s collection, this brown leather invitation clutch is a fabulous second to the Giorgio Armani bag (and infinitely more affordable). I was initially hesitant about the color because I’m not a huge brown person, but the soft hue of the brown leather and the GLORIOUS gold chain are a visual and tactile match made in J.Crew heaven.

Lessons of the day:

  • Pink is not the new black
  • Black is the best color out there (next to navy)
  • Gold accents make everything better
Do you have cute shoulder bag suggestions? Send them over!
–The J.Crew Outsider