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We’ve all been told that blasphemous phrase before: Black and navy don’t match. OOOH it pains me to just to look at it. Ever since I first became interested in style I have loved black and navy together. And I mean LOVE. Separately they are two of my favorite colors to wear. Together, they are divine.

Of course, not all black and navy outfits match. Men especially need to be careful with the two colors.

The key to wearing black and navy and making it look bold, daring and chic (read: not an accident) is to include accent colors in your outfit. Accent colors for black and navy outfits include white, grey and brown (all shades). The accent cannot be your shoes; it must be somewhere central so that people can see it and see that yes, you wore black and navy on purpose. 

Allow me to elaborate:

Top: H&M, black and white stripes. Scarf: a rich navy blue. Jeans: J.Crew ankle length toothpick jeans in midnight wash (circa Fall 2009). Belt: J.Crew skinny natural brown leather with gold buckle. Necklace: J.Crew pearl & gold chain. Flats: Tory Burch black leather with gold. Ring: David Yurman black onyx.

In this outfit, the white pearls and gold chain are the accent to the navy scarf with the black and white top. Yes, I probably could have gotten away with wearing the outfit sans necklace since there is white in the top, but it helps tie all of the colors together. In my opinion, this outfit would be incomplete without the necklace. Additionally, the thin brown belt is an accent piece because it breaks up the monotony of the navy scarf blending into the navy jeans. Finally, the outfit is wholly tied together by, once again, gold accents in the necklace, belt and flats.

Finally, to achieve the perfect harmony that can only be found in outfits featuring black, navy, brown, white and grey in an outfit at the same time, I threw on my grey J.Crew double-breasted, wool blazer (black buttons also help tie outfit together).

Remember, there will always be haters who will try to tell you that black and navy don’t match. Quick anecdote: I’ll never forget a moment during my first summer job in high school that my coworker and new friend who I still look up to and whose style I still adore to this day asked me, “are you wearing black and navy?” in a disbelieving tone that sounded more like “you are not wearing black and navy right  now.” I was wearing a short black cotton Chloe trapeze dress with a navy J.Crew Jackie cardigan, navy with white trim Jack Rogers sandals and the same pearl and gold chain J.Crew necklace pictured to the left. I was slightly taken aback as this was the first and still the only time I’ve ever been called out for wearing black and navy. I looked at her and just said “yes, because it matches.” We had a little debate, myself rattling out some version of the above argument, but I could tell she remained skeptical. Fast forward five years and last week when I tweeted “I boldly wear black & navy” she retweeted it. #win

Black and navy can and do match. Beyond that, when worn correctly, they are the ultimate embodiment of bold, daring and timelessly chic.

Expect many more black & navy outfits to come.