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This past summer, I discovered a new passion: decorating with antique books. Hardcovers without a book jacket that are one color (sometimes with a dark spine) and usually have the title written in gold.

My interest in these books began when a good friend of mine gave me his copy of The Winds of War by Herman Wouk, a story of a family who’s members separately travel around Europe during World War II. I’ve always thought that there’s something harrowingly romantic about World War II, (probably due to the time period, the fact that it takes place in Europe and my associating it with the movie Atonement) so this book’s content combined with its look, feel and weight really inspired me.

Since acquiring The Winds of War, I have slowly but surely grown my collection of antique books and recently created this bookshelf that sits above my desk.

Among the antique books are copies of books that match the color scheme, an old Frank Sinatra CD, a few issues of Vanity Fair and some jewelry, partially for the look and partially for convenience. The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde and a hardcover maroon with gold writing antique book entitled The Handbook of Everyday French are two standout items. The picture above the shelf is a spread from a J.Crew catalog circa Spring 2011 that I plan to frame because I love it so much.

Anchoring my room’s decoration with antique books has been one of the best decisions I’ve made because the color scheme, the vintage feeling and, of course, the gold accents inspire my outfits and mindset daily.