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Like most of you, I’m sure, there are certain items in my wardrobe that I gravitate towards and certain items that slowly get pushed farther back into the closet. Yesterday while rifling through my skirts I found one of those lonely, forgotten pieces and, to my excitement, it was a perfectly adorable J.Crew silk “watercolor” skirt. Since purchasing this skirt over a year ago I’ve only worn it twice, so finding it yesterday was like finding a brand new skirt! WIN.

I don’t know how this skirt became a forgotten gem because I absolutely adore the print. I’m a huge fan of impressionist art (I could spend DAYS in le Musée d’Orsay), so I love the emerald greens and deep purples blended with lighter shades of green, off-white and light pink. It reminds me of a quaint English garden from an Oscar Wilde play. (Hence why I had to wear the pearl necklace even though I’ve been over-wearing it recently.)

I paired the skirt with my green cotton Ella Moss three-quarters sleeve top, J.Crew pearl and gold chain necklace, David Yurman black onyx ring, my everyday gold bangle and gold links bracelet (passed down from my grandmothers), black leather with gold Tory Burch flats, and a high ballerina bun.

Last year I remember pairing this skirt with a black top, but I was surprised at how well the green on green combo worked. I have a whole slew of J.Crew printed skirts and I generally wear them with solid black or white tops to make the skirt the center of the outfit. However, I think the green top, as opposed to black or white, complements the skirt in a way that makes this pairing more of an outfit,in that the entire ensemble looks more complete than it would with a simple black or white top. If I had worn black tights, a black top would have completed the look, but thanks to these glorious warm New England Fall days, I was able to go bare-legged and experiment with other colors.