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I’ve talked a bit about my love of gold accents in other posts, but I decided it was time to delve a little further into the topic. Gold accents can do many things for an outfit. They can dress it up, create continuity in it, and, most importantly, they are perfect for that little extra something that most neutral-colored outfits need.

For example, notice how the gold stands out against the beige sweater pictured to the right. Without the gold jewelry, you probably wouldn’t look twice at this outfit because it would be just another casual sweater; however, the gold accents instantly make the outfit stylish and chic.

I recently purchased a plain black cotton, 3/4 sleeve dress from Zara that has a gold zipper on the back. From the front the dress is extremely plain, but instead of spicing it up with a colored cardigan/shoes/tights/jewelry, I opted for gold accents.

Dress: Zara. Blazer: H&M. Necklaces: J.Crew black stones with gold chain & diamond necklace on a gold chain. Shoes: Black with gold Tory Burch flats. Rings: David Yurman black onyx (right) & vintage red cocktail ring (left). Bracelets: Vintage gold bangle & vintage gold chain.

Not only do the gold accents tie the outfit together from head to toe, they also give it just enough detail to avoid being just another black outfit and succeed in making it look chic. Also, I like the use of gold in this outfit because it is as much about the LBD as it is the gold accents. Had I opted for a chunky, colored statement necklace, the LBD would have been a backdrop for the necklace, which would have been the center of the outfit.

What are your favorite ways to wear gold?