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This Fall has been so mild, especially recently, so I’ve been trying to take advantage of the cool autumn days by wearing skirts, dresses and flats as much as possible before it becomes frigid and I get lost in layers upon layers of scarves, sweaters, socks and boots. The time for all of the will come. The other day it was so nice out that I even dared to go bare-legged with a rather summery outfit, but with more Fall-y accessories.

Top: H&M white cotton v-neck tee

Skirt: J.Crew cotton zebra-print mini skirt

Sweater: J.Crew “rosewood” cotton cardigan

Belt: J.Crew skinny chestnut-brown leather with gold buckle

Necklace: J.Crew pearl with gold chain

Shoes: J.Crew printed silk flats (yellow, light green, off-white print w/brown trim)

The “Fall-y” accessories I’m referring to are the chestnut-brown belt and light brown cardigan. I realize that this outfit could totally work for the summer too and those accessories don’t really make this outfit very Fall-y, but it was just such a nice day that I couldn’t resist one last summer outfit.

This outfit is the epitome of a perfect daytime outfit for strolling around, shopping, window shopping, lunching, brunching etc. I like it because its very put together and complete (mostly thanks to the belt), but its definitely not dressy enough to wear out at night or to a job.

How are you taking advantage of these mild days? What pieces are you wearing?