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The other day one of my best friends was traveling back from New York and she texted me a picture of a pair of pointed-toe flats that reminded her of me, saying that they were on sale for only $20 and asking if I wanted her to snag me a pair.

Obviously. By the way, what a great friend huh?

They were a great find since my favorite Nine West grey pointed-toe flats are very tired looking and definitely will not last the entire season. And they definitely don’t look like they were $20. So, of course I just had to wear them the very next day.











Top: J.Crew v-neck tissue tee. Skirt: J.Crew. Shoes: Joe Fresh.

I love the black, dark blue and grey color combo, and I kept the scarf on most of the day for a blast of color. Also there is a little bit of dark blue in the scarf that is difficult to see in the photograph, but it tied all of the colors together. Also, the flats have a little bow on the outside of the toe, which adds a cute feminine touch.

I’m curious to check out the Joe Fresh store, which opened this past Fall in New York. The flats were a great deal and they have much more structure than I expected them to. I’m not sure what their other merchandise is like, but these flats were definitely a great find.

Have you been to Joe Fresh or do you own anything from there? How do you like the clothes and styles?